5 Best Data Enrichment Tools & Platforms To Check Out in 2024

best data enrichment tools

Data Enrichment Tools are crucial to enhance your datasets with quality information thus supercharging your marketing and business efforts.

With multiple choices available in the market, choosing a reliable solution for your business can be challenging. 

In this article, we will explore the 5 best Data Enrichment platforms, each offering unique capabilities to extract valuable insights from the internet. This article will provide a roadmap to data professionals and beginners for data-driven informed decisions and staying ahead in the competitive market.

Why do businesses need to enrich data?

Data enrichment is essential as it helps businesses gather more insights into their customers, offering a diverse range of information, including job posts, location, industry, contact details, etc. 

Here are some crucial aspects of why businesses need Data Enrichment:

  1. Targeted marketing campaigns based on specific criteria like income and age group can be easily executable using Enrichment.
  2. It allows regional-specific marketing campaigns by enriching datasets about a particular location and customer preferences of that region.
  3. Data Enrichment provides clean and accessible data, saving time and resources for businesses by helping them avoid dealing with unstructured and inaccessible information.

The Top 5 Data Enrichment Tools in 2024

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the best enrichment software that can enhance your dataset with quality data and valuable market insights.

1. EnrichmentAPI

EnrichmentAPI tops our list of the best enrichment tools in 2024. It is an efficient API to retrieve company and employee information such as contact details, job positions, working locations, past experiences, etc.

By integrating EnrichmentAPI, you can ensure that your database will be enriched with the freshest and most accurate data. It is a versatile tool that can cater to use cases like customer profile enhancement, lead scoring, personalized marketing, etc.

enrichmentapi the best data enrichment software

Here are the APIs provided by EnrichmentAPI:

  1. Employees Enrichment API —  Employees’ data can be retrieved using this API.
  2. Company Enrichment API — Data enrichment for companies can be done using this API.
  3. Person Enrichment API — For retrieving complete data about a person, you get all the data points found on LinkedIn
  4. Free Email API — For retrieving the email of the employees in a company.

Moreover, we offer 50 free credits upon registration and provide clean documentation that can be easily understood by programmers and developers of any skill set.


  1. Accurate and fresh data that is updated regularly.
  2. Clean and clear documentation with support for all primary languages, like JavaScript and Python.
  3. Pricing starts from only 79$ and offers comparatively more credits, making it affordable for small developers.
  4. Person and Company APIs are more detailed than any other competitor APIs.


  1. Integrating EnrichmentAPI can be challenging at the beginning, but they have 24/7 active chat support to help you with any issue you are facing.

2. Coresignal

Coresignal is another enrichment software that has sourced data from a wide range of sources. They claim to have the largest professional network with 915 million data records, comprising employee, company, and job data. 

coresignal data enrichment software


  1. A massive network of professional records.
  2. They have historical data which can be used to track trends in a particular industry.
  3. Data records are updated and refreshed regularly.


  1. Pricing is expensive for the database APIs.

3. Clearbit

Clearbit is a B2B data enrichment platform for gathering company and employee data. They use AI and Machine Learning models to present you with the most relevant and accurate information with the help of a rigorous QA process to help you know more about your customers and potential prospects.

clearbit data enrichment platform

Clearbit also offers the ability to reveal insights into a lead based on their actions and the products and solutions they are interested in, helping you engage with them at the right time.

Their dashboard was clean and advanced and works best for non-technical users. They also offer a free Chrome extension, and using it, I was able to get the contact information of employees just by visiting a website.


  1. It supports advanced filtering and can categorize the data depending on set criteria.
  2.  Data is updated automatically whenever a change is detected.
  3. Intent-based outreach makes it unique from other APIs.


  1. Has only B2B data.

4. PeopleDataLabs

PeopleDataLabs holds the largest data records in the whole data enrichment industry. With 3.1 billion unique individual records and 51.2 million company records, it significantly surpasses the record size claimed by CoreSignal.

pdl b2b data provider
PDL B2B Data Provider

They collect information from more than 100 public sources and through strategic partnerships, which allows them to present you with the most detailed information about any company or individual.


  1. Largest database with detailed information.
  2. Multiple data sources and is not dependent on a single source.
  3. Great customer support.


  1. Documentation is too noisy and challenging to understand.

5. Lusha

Lusha is a data intelligence company that provides services like lead generation, data enrichment, and sales intelligence to help businesses find and verify B2B contact information.

Lusha Enrichment Software
Lusha Enrichment Software

With customers like Google, Amazon, and Apple, Lusha has helped more than 100,000 marketers transform their way of engaging with leads. This tool saves you from time-consuming prospecting and supercharges your lead generation and data enrichment efforts through its powerful dashboard, which can be integrated with various services like Zapier, Drift, Salesforce, etc.


  1. Buyer intelligence helps in targeting the precise set of prospects.
  2. A wide variety of integrations are available.
  3. Advanced dashboard with excellent support.
  4. A huge database of business, SMB, and GDPR-compliant profiles.


  1. Person and Company APIs are comparatively less detailed.
  2. Pricing starts from 348$, which may not be affordable for small businesses.


To determine the best enrichment tool from this list, it is important to note all the data points you might need for your next project. Check and test out all the APIs that offer the desired information. Additionally, consider other factors such as stability, scalability, integrations, and pricing. Exceptional support is a must when dealing with such a complex dataset.

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