Terms & Conditions

Our commitment is to maintain clarity and transparency in how we handle your data. We prioritize safeguarding personal data, ensuring our practices align with prevailing data privacy standards and laws.

On this page, we will look into Enrichmentapi.io’s methodologies for web data collection, our stance on privacy, and how we tackle issues related to data privacy. For any specific questions or concerns about data privacy, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Proactive Data Protection and Security

We understand that the security of personal data stands paramount. Our team is engaged in a relentless pursuit of safeguarding sensitive information, adhering strictly to the highest standards of data protection. Through a regime of regular audits and updates, we ensure that our practices are not just compliant with existing laws but are at the forefront of privacy innovation.

Transparent Practices

In a bid to maintain an open dialogue with our users, we detail the principles of our web data collection here. This initiative outlines the privacy-related strategies we have in place, giving you a panoramic view of our company’s steadfast approach to managing privacy-associated matters. We believe in a policy of open honesty, wherein we hold ourselves accountable, thus nurturing a safe space for all our users.

Limitation on Data Extraction:

It’s important to note that we cannot extract data from every company worldwide. Refund requests based on the inability to extract data from specific companies will be non-acceptable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Reach Out to Us

Despite our extensive measures to maintain transparency, we acknowledge that concerns may still arise. We encourage you to take a step to voice any data privacy-related queries or concerns you might have. Our dedicated team is always at the ready to assist you in understanding our practices more fully. You can reach out to us at [email protected] for a detailed response to your questions.

Feel confident in your choice to partner with EnrichmentAPI.io, where your privacy is not just respected, but treasured. We look forward to building a transparent and secure environment with you, one where data enrichment meets the pinnacle of safety and trust.

Changes about terms

If we change our terms of use we will post those changes on this page. Registered users will be sent an email that outlines changes made to the terms of use.