How Data Enrichment Can Help in Talent Recruitment

data enrichment in talent recruitment

The way we make decisions is changing rapidly, a data-driven approach is now the talk of the town. Nowadays, big companies are using numbers and facts to help them hire.  More than two-thirds of large organizations keep track of things like how long it takes to hire someone, where they find their new employees, and how many people accept job offers. (source)

But even with all this data, it’s still hard to know everything about someone you want to hire. Often, employers have to go with the information the job seeker gives them or what they can find online.

So, how to get the latest and fresh data about the candidates?

By enriching the data!!

Let’s understand what data enrichment is and how the recruitment process can be made more informed using this. 

Data Enrichment: In Context of Recruitment

Data enrichment is the process of filling in the gaps or the data that is already present but with more & fresh points so that it can be analyzed better.

Enrichment can also help with data that might be incorrect when you get it for the first time.

You see, most of the data that you get on the web is mostly stale unless you get it from a source that is relevant and up to date. But these sources, however, don’t allow you to enrich your data in bulk. Or you have to pay a heavy price because of the monopoly and the data these sources have.

Left with manual enrichment, there are chances of human error. Hence, most acquisition teams go with whatever data they have for the candidates let alone it is the resume of the job seeker.

The Strategic Advantage of Enriched Data

The candidate data points you are getting must be with other acquisition teams also. By upgrading from basic resumes to a comprehensive view, recruiters gain an enhanced understanding of candidates, fostering more precise and informed decision-making.

Here are a few of the advantages of enriching data for candidates looking for jobs.  

Improved Candidate Matching:

Traditional recruitment often hinges on surface-level details. Data enrichment, however, gets into a candidate’s online presence, professional networks, and interactions, facilitating a holistic view. It’s a shift from finding any candidate to identifying the right one, focusing on cultural fit and long-term potential.

Efficiency in Action:

Recruitment efficiency takes center stage with data enrichment. The tool accelerates the candidate selection process, leading to a substantial reduction in time-to-hire – a critical metric in today’s competitive landscape.

Reduction in Time-to-Hire:

With data enrichment, recruiters gain a swift and detailed view of a candidate’s background. This allows for quicker evaluations, minimizing delays and ensuring top talent is secured promptly.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition:

Time is money, especially in business. Data enrichment not only speeds up the hiring process but also makes it more cost-effective. The reduced time spent on each hire translates to lower recruitment costs, aligning efficiency with financial prudence.

How can help you with recruitment?

EnrichmentAPI’s Person API can assist companies in leveraging all the advantages listed above and can also aid them with their talent acquisition strategy, ensuring a healthy and data-rich recruitment process.

For a simple illustration, let’s consider the employer gets the profile of a college student who is expecting an internship or a full-time paying job from the campus placement. The employer has his resume and basic details that are mentioned in it.

In this case, the recruiter had to believe in the data points that the employee had provided. But then, having the limited data that the employee has provided would mean limited knowledge about him.

Enriching the data would be a smart move and thus would help the recruiter to get a 360° view of the employee and thus know more about him.

For this, we will use a simple Python script to retrieve data about his profile.

import requests
payload = {'api_key': 'APIKEY', 'linkedin_id':'ayuxxx-xxxvk-45xx'}
resp = requests.get('', params=payload)
print (resp.text)

Note: The LinkedIn ID used above is modified to keep the identity of the person private.
In the above code snippet, we imported the requests library in Python to create an API request. Subsequently, we initialized our parameters consisting of LinkedIn ID and API Key and transmitted them via the GET request. Finally, we displayed the response in the terminal.

You can obtain your API Key with free 50 credits by registering on our website.

After successfully getting registered on our website, you will be redirected to our dashboard where you can find your API Key.

Copy your API Key in the above code and run the script in your project terminal to get the profile data.

From the profile, I found that this person is a Kaggle NoteBook Master with excellent knowledge in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science Projects. This makes him/her a great fit for companies seeking candidates in this field.

This shows how you can utilize our Person API to extract rich and valuable insights from any candidate profile to enhance and accelerate the recruitment process.


While there are a lot of ways where data analytics can be used in recruitment. However, enrichment remains one of the smartest ways via which a recruiter can get the data points that were earlier missing. Not only that you can build a database with data enrichment and keep it for further recruiting.

Adopting data enrichment can give you a competitive edge in talent acquisition. If you are a recruiter and are looking to get data points of all the employees from a particular company, you can use our Employee Enrichment API. This API gives you data points of employees of the company you wish to. 

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