5 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools in 2024

best reverse email lookup tools

Reverse Email Lookup is a process to identify who owns an email address and can be a great tool for B2B companies that already have a database of emails but don’t know who they are. There are many use cases of reverse email lookup, but these tools when used on a larger set of data work best.

There are free ways to reverse lookup on any email address, however, we won’t discuss them in detail in this article. Having tested many tools, with some being the real deal and others being junk, I will now come straight to some of the best tools available today.

Let’s get started!

5 Best Reverse Email Lookup APIs

Enrichment API

Yes, we are a little biased here keeping our reverse email lookup tool on the top. But there is a reason for that, we think that Enrichment API’s Reverse Lookup API is currently the best option available to reveal an identity behind an email address.

enrichmentapi's reverse email lookup API
Enrichment API’s Reverse Email Lookup API

Why do we think so?

Enrichment API doesn’t use a database to fetch data, we do real-time enrichment of data, and thus every email you put up in the tool goes through a proprietary system we made and fetches real-time data associated with that email.

Well, you may think, what’s the problem with the data reverse email lookup tools can fetch from a database?

There isn’t any problem with that data too, but taking the freshness of data one step ahead and delivering the same to our customers by doing the whole process in real-time is what makes us different from others.

The API we made uses multiple approaches to find the data points relevant to that email address. Further, if you are a product manager, CEO, or Founder, you can quickly test our tool when you sign up.

Let me show you a quick demo of the tool for a single email address so that you can test it too.

You can sign up from here, and we offer 50 free credits for you to test it.

Here’s a video tutorial too.

Reverse Email Lookup Tutorial

When you sign up you will land on this dashboard.

Click on the reverse lookup on the left side, you will then land on to a screen below.

Enter the email id for which you would like to test the reverse email lookup tool. I am testing it for “[email protected]

You will get this information.

    "person_profile": {
        "first_name": "Divanshu",
        "last_name": "Khatter",
        "position": "Content & SEO Manager",
        "location": "Jaipur, Rajasthan, India",
        "followers": "1.1K+",
        "linkedin_id": "divanshu-khatter-20a7a711a",
        "linkedin_url": "https://in.linkedin.com/in/divanshu-khatter-20a7a711a",
        "social_links": [
        "company": {
            "name": "Scrapingdog",
            "company_industry": "Software Development",
            "description": "Scrapingdog handles millions of proxies, browsers and CAPTCHAs to provide you with HTML of any web page in a single API call. It also provides Web Scraper for Chrome & Firefox and a software for instant scraping demands.",
            "website": "https://www.scrapingdog.com",
            "size": "2-10 employees"
        "get_more_data": "https://api.enrichmentapi.io/person?linkedin_id=divanshu-khatter-20a7a711a&api_key=APIKEY"

The get_more_data parameter contains an API URL to EnrichmentAPI’s Person Enrichment API which can be used to get more detailed information about the person.

Our API also returns social links which are the related links to the person and is quite useful when you don’t have authentic information about the person.

The starter plan starts from 79$ for this API in which a user gets 20k credits and each call to this API would cost 15 credits to the user.


ProxyCurl is another major player in the market when it comes to Reverse Email API. They claim to have one of the biggest databases in the industry with 485M+ profiles in their databases.

proxycurl reverse email lookup api
Proxycurl Reverse Email Lookup Service


  1. The documentation is clear and easy to understand.
  2. Detailed information about the person and his company is received from the API including full name, social profiles, and summarized information from the person and company’s LinkedIn profile.
  3. The match rate is better compared to other providers in the market.


  1. The pricing is quite expensive and starts from 10$ for 100 credits and each API call takes 3 credits to reveal an identity behind the email address.
  2. Non-developers can’t test it and may require a team of professionals to integrate it into their software.


Clearbit is a B2B sales and data enrichment platform that also allows users to look for an identity behind their email address. Its reverse lookup tool gives you plenty of unique information about the person and his company including seniority of the person, revenue, and technology stack of the company through its mammoth size database powered by HubSpot.


Clearbit offers an advanced and easy-to-use dashboard for their users to try their reverse email lookup tool which returns the information in a clean and structured manner that can be understood by anyone even if they are non-developers.


  1. A huge database comprising more than 44 million companies and 350 million contacts allows users to get information quickly.
  2. Clearbit offers a versatile API to its users which can be integrated with can also be integrated with CRM tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier.


  1. The pricing system is not clear and you have to contact sales as self-upgradation is not available.


Enrich.so offers an advanced reverse email lookup API based on several data sources including search engines and LinkedIn. Moreover, the company claims that the data is fetched in real-time, and no database is used for user queries.

Enrich.so also offers integrations with more than 5000+ apps and has active support and resources that can help you out if you are stuck in a problem.


  1. Reat-time data extraction is used to help you get the most up-to-date data.
  2. Bulk enrichment is available for non-developers where they can upload a CSV file of emails and get all the details in the same files as a response.
  3. It is highly rated on platforms like Captera and Trustpilot signifying the trust for this company among its customers.


  1. The pricing is highly expensive and starts from 70$ with the allocation of 500 credits.


GetProspect provides a powerful reverse email lookup API backed by its humongous database of 200M+ B2B contacts with emails and 26M+ international companies network.

reverse email lookup tool from getprospect
GetProspect Reverse email lookup

However, the main problem with this company is if it is not able to extract data from the database then it doesn’t even look for it in real-time. Its database is also quite old and they don’t have an infrastructure of their own to get the identity behind the email address.


  1. It offers free access to its before for thoroughly testing their product before upgrading to the free plan.
  2. It also offers bulk data enrichment through three methods including CSV, Google Sheets, and its API.


  1. They have a large database which makes it quite expensive for them to upgrade the data.
  2. Real-time data extraction is not available.


The best email reverse lookup tool among the list would depend on your primary need and business goals. If you are someone who needs the freshest web data, going with enrichmentapi’s reverse email lookup API would be the best choice.

The best case scenario to use enrichmentapi’s reverse lookup would be to use it in bulk reverse lookup. However, if the freshness of data isn’t a priority you can use any tool among the mentioned. Clearbit is on a more expensive side and hence use it wisely if you see value in it.

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