Email Finder API

Get the right email address, and enrich your database with a single API request.

free email finder api
lead generation

Streamlined Lead Generation

Reach out to potential leads with up to date email addresses, making your lead generation process seamless.

update old database with email finder api

Enrich Existing Database

Update and fill gaps in your old database for more focused & targeted marketing efforts.

reach wide audience

Gain Competitve Advantage

Reach your audience early by leveraging real-time extracted email addresses and gain a competitive advantage.

How Email Finder API Works

A simple step-by-step guide on how to use the API.


Provide 3 Input to Email Finder API

This tool first name, last name & domain to return you a verified email.


Real Time Retrieval

API fetches real time email address of the person.


API Returns Email Address

The tool efficiently identifies and provides the most suitable email address based on the inputs you have provided.


Designed to handle a high volume of requests, accommodating the needs of both small and large enterprises.

Real-Time Verification

Immediate verification of the found email addresses to ensure they are current and valid.

Bulk Search

Allows users to input and search for multiple email addresses at once, saving time and effort.

What is Email Finder API?

The Email Finder API is a tool that allows you to find email addresses associated with a specific domain or individual. It is designed to assist in enhancing your outreach and marketing efforts by providing you with the most recent and valid email addresses.

How accurate is the data provided by the Email Finder API?

Our API is designed to fetch the freshest and most recent email addresses, with a 99.99% success rate in finding valid emails. Rest assured, if there's a valid email address to be found, our API will find it.

Is there a daily limit on the number of API calls?

You get 50 free credits when you sign up. You can use these credits to test our API. Finding one email would cost you 1 credit.

Can I use the Email Finder API for bulk requests?

Absolutely, our API is built to handle bulk requests efficiently. You can find multiple email addresses in a single API call, saving you time and streamlining your processes.

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