How To Find Employees of A Company Using Employee Enrichment API

how to retrieve employee of a company

The primary reason for you looking to extract employee details from a company will be to look at their workforce. Knowing the employees of a company can make you understand the strengths and weaknesses of that particular organization. 

There are many other use cases for extracting employee details, like competitor intelligence, market research, intelligence, HR, and much more. 

It is easy to extract the list of employees if you have a few companies.

But what if you have a list of many companies and you want to retrieve employee list from each of them?

In this article, we will look into the ways, some of the tools you can use, and some advanced techniques to get the freshest employee data possible!!

Finding Employees of a Company Using LinkedIn (Manually)

LinkedIn being one of the most popular B2B platforms can be your best bet when you want to retrieve employee data of a company. 

Simply search the company name in the search bar, once on the company page, click the employees.

Company page on LinkedIn

Clicking on the employee list will directly take us to pages where we can have all the employees this company has. 

Employees of Company

Applying filters to LinkedIn, you can add as many companies for which you want to get employees. 

Using Tools To Get Employees from a list of companies

Getting employee list every time from LinkedIn is not a feasible solution. Yes, you can put in all the companies you want employees for but then also you cannot extract or move that data directly to your local storage or into your CRM. 

At we offer employee enrichment API, which offers comprehensive data points about the workforce of the company.

To test this API, you need to sign up for enrichment API. We offer 50 free credits to test & spin this API. 

Home Page of EnrichmentAPI

After signing up successfully, you will land on our dashboard.

EnrichmentAPI Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you will find all the dedicated APIs we have, each with different capabilities on the left. And on the right side, you have your API_KEY with other details. 

For this tutorial, we will use “employee lookup” from the left.

This is the interface of the employee lookup tool, here as the necessary inputs you need the domain of the company to test. 

There are other inputs like “city”, “position” etc. that are secondary. It is good to have them but only with the domain, the API still can fetch the employee details. 

Okay, now let’s test the API. 

It is easy to test our API even for non-techy guys, the interface allows you to test it for some sample data one by one. 

Let’s test it for clickfunnels, which is a page builder SaaS business. 

Testing The Employee Lookup Tool

After filling in the domain which is, we will click search. 

Employee details of clickfunnels

The API fetches employees, in the white box with an arrow you will see the data points, this is for the first employee. 

Here are the data points from the first employee:

  "employees_data": [
      "firstName": "Kevin",
      "lastName": "Richards",
      "fullName": "Kevin Richards",
      "uid": 1,
      "linkedinUrl": "",
      "company_name": "ClickFunnels",
      "company_linkedin_id": "",
      "city": "huntington beach, california",
      "country": "united states",
      "email": ""

Respectively, you get similar data points for all the employees. 

To this process in bulk, you can use your API_KEY

You can go through this documentation of employee lookup API to better understand the inputs before using the API.

I have a list of companies, how do I find contact information for specific employees?

In such a scenario, where you want to have the details of specific employees, you can use the “position” parameter. 

This parameter allows you to extract those specific profiles. For example, in our previous example wherein we were retrieving all the employees of clickfunnels, we will now place an extra input parameter i.e. position. 

Filling in Position to Fetch Specific Employees

This way you can get specific employees at a company. 

The API Giving Employees in Marketing

Below are the data points you get. 

      "firstName": "Gary",
      "lastName": "Goodwin",
      "fullName": "Gary Goodwin",
      "uid": 4,
      "jobTitle": "Online Marketing Specialist",
      "linkedinUrl": "",
      "company_name": "ClickFunnels",
      "company_linkedin_id": "",
      "city": "parkersburg, west virginia",
      "country": "united states",
      "email": ""

Finding Emails of Contacts

Now that you have a list of specific employees, to reach out to them you need their email addresses. 

To find emails, you can use the email finder API

How does it work?

The inputs it requires are the ‘first_name’, ‘last_name’, and the domain. Having all these details, you can find the email of the person you are looking to connect with. 

Let’s find out one email to test this API. I am using my details to test this API.

Email Lookup Tool

This way you can get the emails of specified contacts. 

Again you can bulk this process by using the API. The documentation of email finder API is here, do check before using the API itself. 


Having employee data is an asset if you are in HR, or doing competitive intelligence. This way you not only get to know more about the organization but you can also pinpoint the gaps comparing employees of your company and your organization. 

We do have other APIs that can be used further with employee API. For example, our Person Enrichment API takes the LinkedIn URL as input to give you comprehensive data points about the education, experience, and recent activities of a person.

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