How To Find LinkedIn ID with Email Address in Bulk

find linkedin id using email address

Finding someone’s LinkedIn profile using just their email address can be a game changer for B2B businesses. According to Paul Petron, who is the content marketing manager at LinkedIn, the average reply rate to a LinkedIn outreach message is 85%.

This becomes a huge factor considering the total number of users LinkedIn has i.e. around 1 billion. If you are in a B2B space and want to level up your conversion rate, having LinkedIn profiles with email addresses can be your upper hand against competitors.

In this article, I will walk you through the process, we will look into how to find the relevant LinkedIn handle using the email address.

This whole process of finding the LinkedIn ID using email can be scaled by using our reverse email lookup API.

Let’s get started.

Using Google Search To Fetch LinkedIn URL

Google Search is the most basic way to find the identity behind that email. In this tutorial, we will use both generic (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) and official emails. Let’s start with a generic email. We will use [email protected] as an example.

If you type “koolwalmanthan LinkedIn” on Google you will get this result.

manthan koolwal's linkedin URL search using google

I removed the “” part from the email and then I pasted the rest on the Google search bar. The first result on Google shows the LinkedIn profile URL associated with this email.

This is a great technique but the only disadvantage of this technique is that you cannot be sure that this is the same individual who is associated with that email.

Now, let’s use an official email. For this, I will use [email protected].

Now, in this case, we are 100% sure that this profile is associated with this email only because it is an official email.

This technique concludes that it works for official emails only.

Fetching LinkedIn ID using Reverse Email Lookup API

Using search engines to find LinkedIn profiles won’t work every time, also it is not a scalable solution and you don’t even get the extra information such as details about the company in which the person is working. This includes the company name, industry, website, and size.

Reverse Lookup API can help you enrich your database through real-time lookup allowing you to get fresh data every time you make an API call on our server.

I will quickly show you how you can use our Reverse Lookup API through our dashboard to get the LinkedIn ID using the email address.

How To Use Reverse Email Lookup Tool/API To Get LinkedIn ID and Other Data Points

First, you need to sign up on our platform, you can register from here. When you sign up you get 50 free credits to test the tool.

After registering successfully, you will be redirected to EnrichmentAPI’s dashboard, where you will get your API Key.

enrichment apis dashboard
EnrichmentAPI’s Dashboard

It is easy to test our tool quickly, and hence product managers, CTOs & Founders can easily reverse lookup on their desired email address.

Click on the reverse lookup on the left side as marked in the image. (refer below)

Enter this email in the search bar and click on the lookup button.

Click on the lookup, and the tool will take some time to fetch it in real-time.

The get_more_data data point in the above response can be used to retrieve detailed information about that person. We use our person enrichment API to retrieve more data about that person.

If the authentic profile of the person doesn’t exist then the API can also return you with social links related to that person which is better than no information available.

Our API can also be used to get data in bulk, starting from just 79$ and comprising 20k credits.


Yes, you can reach them out loud with the emails you already have, but by having LinkedIn IDs, you can look at their social activity, likes, follows, and dislikes. This makes it easy for you to tailor your pitches and convert them.

Another great advantage is that you can reach out to them directly on LinkedIn profile. You don’t need a sales navigator account to fetch bulk data.

Enrichment API is a data enrichment tool, we enrich data on people, employees, and companies. Check out our API stack. As we do real-time data fetching, the data you get is fresh and accurate.

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